Non-Discrimination Policy

Non-Discrimination Policy

Buddyng is a diverse community of individuals exploring places around the world and meeting new people whilst discovering new opportunities. Consequently, many individuals will engage with people from different backgrounds and beliefs whilst using our platform. By engaging with more people, we can all better understand others’ perspectives and why they have the views they have.

We operate an inclusive platform, therefore, any form of discrimination is treated with the strictest measures. We are committed to creating a more empathetic society by supporting cross-cultural engagement. Our community will grow globally because travel is inherently worldwide. Therefore, people from different backgrounds will be contributing to the platform, which is an imperative part of making this community valuable.

Buddyng is committed to ensuring every member is respected and accepted, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality or other factors. Building an inclusive community, we can understand and learn from others’ experiences and expand our knowledge. Every person should feel welcome regardless of their background or beliefs. Some jurisdictions permit or require certain information regarding individuals such as national origin or gender and we will provide guidance where this is necessary and adjust this policy to reflect changes that may be required.

Identity verification is important to us. Although you can use the platform unverified, the purpose of verification ensures greater security for yourself and others on our platform. We believe everyone should be verified for the safety of our community, and to ensure accountability for actions individuals take online. Knowing with a strong degree of certainty who is behind the screen increases your safety, particularly when meeting up with others. We all have a responsibility to ensure the safety of our community, which is an infinite goal of this organisation - meaning we will constantly work towards it.

Our purpose is engaging diverse cultures so we are all more understanding of contrasting cultures to live in a more empathetic world. To do this, we must respect one another. Buddyng strives to connect people from all walks of life to experience more together and learn from one-another. We believe engagement with different cultures and backgrounds is imperative in successfully addressing societal issues; notably combatting discrimination and misapprehension.

We vision a world where people are free to travel, feel safe while they do so, and comfortable immersing themselves in different cultures. We not only welcome people from all backgrounds, we encourage people to contribute from all backgrounds so we can form a more knowledgeable and empathetic community. We are inclusive. Our value comes from our members. Our diversity makes us strong, and our respect makes us even stronger. Some views and beliefs may not reflect your own on this platform, but we can connect with one another nonetheless. Learn, understand and experience the world in all its beauty. We completely abhor prejudice of all kinds, and are committed to building a community that inspires, educates and respects one another. Any form of discrimination will be treated with the strictest measures possible.

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