Impact comes from the community we build. Every verified individual contributes to the impact we will have. Part of our profits are injected into education to help everyone experience the benefits of travel.

To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together. - African Proverb


Travel Within Education

Travel educates us further than the bounds of classroom walls. Expanding our knowledge to understand contrasting cultures and different ways of life, increasing empathy and self-awareness. Engaging with diverse communities we expose ourselves to societal issues ever present in different countries. We must fight the disease of indifference. We can do this through travel.


The Buddyng Community

We will inject profits to our verified members for the purpose of advancing individual travel ambitions. Initially, through monthly rewards, then expanding to offer more people and more money to those who contribute to our community.


Our Impact

'Our' represents every member of the Buddyng community. We have created this platform to increase knowledge and understanding of different places. Providing a trusting platform allows us to create and enjoy travel experiences individually and with friends.

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