Find Compatible People To Travel With

Social connections are a huge part of exploring places and discovering more from your travels.

Search for people nearby on our app or places you are looking to travel in the future to find buddies with similar travel goals. Find surfers, climbers, photographers and many more individuals by filtering your search to match your interests.


Travel With Confidence

Inform your travels with recommendations and safety advice for places you are looking to travel. Discover sustainable travel routes to help the environment and explore places to travel confidently.


Our Safety Commitment

Strengthening traveller safety is one of our infinite goals. Listening to people is the best way to recognise solutions to issues regarding safety abroad and within the app. We listen because we know that every individual has a new perspective that can contribute to safer and more immersive travel experiences for us all.

Our platform is predicated on collaboration. Posting safety tips increases knowledge of dangers abroad and ways to mitigate the risk of travelling for everyone in the community. We will constantly update the app with new information and relevant advice to best support our verified members.


Our Verification Process

A combination of automated and human verification identifies individuals to the greatest possible level of accuracy. We are intent on increasing safety abroad and verification ensures you know who is behind the screen. Our pricing model for verification will be a small annual subscription. Currently, our app is completely free to download and use!

This is only the first level of safety as it does not tell you anything about the actual person but ensures to a high degree that the person behind the screen matches their true self.

What's stopping you?
Feel safer

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