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Redefine how you plan on an all-in-one travel platform.

Share your plans with the group and collaboratively build the ultimate travel schedule.

Keep track of costs so that you'll always be ontop of your budget.

Watch other travellers' plans unfold and join in on the adventure!


Perfect for Travellers

Buddyng is the global travel app for connecting explorers around the world.

From matching up travel buddies to inspiring individuals on their next journey, Buddyng is used by travellers to kickstart every adventure!


Share Experiences

Whether you seek to inspire or be inspired, the Buddyng Community encourages all types of travel exploration through sharing ideas and experiences with one another.

Who knows, maybe your post could influence someone’s trip!


Expand Perspectives

Buddyng strives to connect explorers around the world.

We believe that engaging with diverse communities expands our perspectives and opens the mind to living through an empathetic lens.


Improving Travel

Buddyng app has been built with the intention of improving travel for the explorers of the world.

We believe that travel is vital for personal growth, which is why we devote our social responsibility to creating opportunities for everyone to be able to travel without barriers.

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